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We have been specialising in gas and LPG energy systems since 2006 and have successfully completed full design and installations for restaurants, nursing homes, food manufacturing plants, places of worship, fast-food outlets and performance vehicle spray booths.

We design and install natural gas and LPG energy systems across West Yorkshire and the Pennines. The design takes into account individual and specific requirements of the user and their facility. We can plan, recommend, supply and install the agreed appliances and required components. Installation is often broken down into its component parts; pipe work, controls, testing and commissioning.

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There are many things we consider when we design and plan systems. These include:

  • Design for safety in construction, operation and maintenance
  • Achieve sufficient accuracy of peak heat demands and annual heat consumptions
  • Select suitable building interfaces, direct or indirect connections
  • Design or modify suitable space heating and domestic hot water services systems
  • Achieve an energy-efficient heat network
  • Achieve a low cost network – optimisation of routes and pipe sizing for minimum life cycle cost
  • Achieve a reliable network with a long life and low maintenance requirements
  • Select heat metering, prepayment and billing systems that are accurate and cost- effective
  • Achieve an efficient heat distribution system within a multi-residential building, and to reduce the risk of overheating
  • Design a cost-effective and efficient central plan
  • Determine the location of top-up and standby boilers and use of existing boilers
  • Select suitable operating temperatures
  • Objective 2.5 – To define heat network distribution routes, pipe sizes and costs
  • Minimise the negative impacts of phasing of the development
  • Assess operation and maintenance needs and costs
  • Conduct a consistent economic analysis and options appraisals
  • Analyse risks and carry out a sensitivity analysis
  • Assess environmental impacts and benefits
  • Reduce health and safety risks to staff, customers and the general public
  • Achieve a high quality heat network construction to deliver a long life asset
  • Achieve consistently low return temperatures through commissioning building heating systems/controls
  • Commission the central plant to deliver an efficient and reliable service
  • Provide smooth handover and sufficient information for the operations team
  • Reduce health and safety risks to staff, customers and the general

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